What Does How do you go about getting clients for your insurance business?

Technically, insurance customers are everywhere. Everyone should probably review their insurance more frequently. But, building a successful insurance book of business requires a solid sales and marketing plan – a system to acquire new insurance clients as well as retain and cross-sell current customers.

Simply dialing for dollars is not necessarily the best way to build a sustainable insurance business. Here are several ways to get insurance clients fast.

Once you secure clients, your insurance business can start relying on premium renewals to bring in revenue. So, how do insurance agents get clients? Here are our top five techniques.

Most independent insurance agents describe their early careers as a lot of long hours and lean times while they build up their portfolio. But the struggle to find clients doesn't necessarily disappear over time. In fact, 37% of agents list "finding new business" as their top challenge.

Even if you've been selling insurance for years, you need to bring in new business to increase your revenue and replace clients who drop policies. Here are five top methods to attract new clients.

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